2017: A remaking year

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Ha Long Bay – Vietnam
Another year arises and you have a new chance to start out fresh. Make sure you keep up with everything you have planned this year and do your best.

Make sure you are going to start all of those things you’ve been saying the past beginning of the years and you never do it.

Make sure whenever you think about being rude to someone you have the chance to think twice and be nice instead.

Make sure to remember to help the others whenever you can. I’m sure other people did the same to you and you are very grateful for that.

Whenever you think that you are having a bad day, think about all of those people suffering in Syria and a lot of other countries in the world. You definitely should’t be complaining at all, right? You have food at home, you have a great family and you have a place to sleep.

Be thankful for the life you have. And if you are going through some bad times, think that everything will be alright. Things happen for a reason. Either for us to learn with it or to teach us to evolve and be strong to keep on going.

I wish you all a wonderful year full of happiness, strength to reach your goals, love, peace and health! Love you all.

Cristianna Saldanha

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