The second day I went snowboarding with my dad in the morning and with a couple of friends in the afternoon. My dad and I went to Park City Resort mountain again and the weather was not that good again. It was snowing a lot. In one hand is good because we got fresh snow everyday, but in the other hand we couldn’t really ride the best way, because we couldn’t see anything.

I had lunch with my dad at the mountain and met with 2 other friends in the afternoon. Both were still learning how to ski, so we took it easy. While we were going down the hill I decided to take a couple of pictures of them and that’s when I realized that I lost my phone. I had no idea if I left at the restaurant, if I dropped while I was locking my board or if I dropped while I was going down the hill. And of course I thought the last option suited better.. So I freaked out and decided to start walking up the hill. Yes, stupid decision but my phone is brand new and I was freaking out.

One of my friends decided to walk with me. I told him to just try to ski down the mountain with my other friend but he ended up coming with me. After a while walking up and almost dying, we met a guy that works at Park City Mountain Resort and he convinced me that the best idea was to snowboard all the way down, get on the lift again and look for my phone at the restaurant and also down the hill again. He was totally right, I have to agree. And that’s what I did.

Guess what? My phone was at the restaurant!! I was so happy I found it. I was almost crying already thinking that I could have dropped anywhere in the snow.

After that, we decided to snowboard/ski a little bit more and so we went back to the Hotel. As usual, I was really tired after spending the whole day snowboarding and ended up sleeping early. We heard that the next day was finally going to be sunny so I couldn’t wait for it! I charged my camera, packed my stuff and went to bed.

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