The first day in Miami we decided to start the day going to Miami Design District and Wynwood walls to check it out. I’ve been to Miami a few times but I haven’t seen any of this.

Miami Design District

Miami Design District was historically part of Buena Vista. Nowadays it is made up primarily of old low-rise warehouses that have been converted into retail spaces, art galleries, luxury fashion stores, restaurants, cafes and a large amount of new constructions.

Miami Design District

We had lunch at Michaels Genuine Food & Drink which is located in the same area and supposed to be number 1 of the region second to Yelp. But it was ok and nothing special about it. I was expecting the food to be awesome and it was normal and expensive for what they had to offer.

Right close to the Design District neighborhood, there is Wynwood to the South. Where there is the area called Wynwood Walls, a unique outdoor destination created in 2009 by Tony Goldman, featuring huge colorful street murals by artists from around the globe.

Wynwood Walls

It is a very touristic destination nowadays, and the area has changed a lot the old vision from the past.

Hallandale Beach

After Wynwood, we headed to Miami Beach. I wanted to drive around and look for Art Deco buildings. The traffic was terrible and I ended up looking for Art Deco stuff from the car for more than 2 hours. I guess I was also expecting to see a lot more as well. I was born in Santos, Brasil and I feel like I’ve seen more Art Deco stuff in Santos than in Miami.

After a couple of hours driving, we just decided to head home, leave our stuff and go out for dinner. We had dinner at this really good restaurant called ‘ Shortys’. They have typical Texan food which was amazing and the price was good for what they had to offer. I would definitely recommend this place and would also go back there to eat.

Shortys Bar-B-Q

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