Buenos días. I haven’t been in Buenos Aires for so long. I’m finally back to the city for a Surgery Conference and to meet some friends.

We woke up and checked a couple of classes in the morning, and in the afternoon, Paula, a friend of ours, took us to La Boca, where the beautiful famous colored houses are located.

La Boca is a neighborhood that was settled by the poor immigrants dock workers from back in the 1800’s, which painted those colorful houses with cast-away left over paint. They never had enough paint of the same color to cover an entire house, so the houses became a colorful patchwork.

Those colored houses are called Conventillos Boquenses, a popular type of house where the immigrants of Genova and other parts of the world used to live, when they arrived in Buenos Aires.

So much history in one spot. We also passed by La Bombonera. The famous soccer Stadium of the Boca Team. Paula was explaining how they chose the colors for the team. The dock workers said that the first ship that appeared by the port would be the colors of the Boca Team, and the first ship that appeared was a ship from Sweden. This explains the blue and yellow used by the team. 

We had an amazing afternoon by the Boca neighborhood. After that, we had a late lunch/dinner at El Mirasol, one of the Restaurants situated by the River Plate. We had some delicious Argentinian beef (Entraña and Bacilo. Not sure this is the right name) and some amazing dessert. 

We passed with the car around the Porto Madero neighborhood. This new area with some modern buildings close to the River Plate and we finally went back to the Hotel, because we were invited for the Gala Dinner at a Tango place called NH Tango. We had so much meat at the other Restaurant that all I could do was to drink wine and enjoy the show. And what a show! Such a beautiful dance + music. Maybe some day I can learn how to do it.

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