I just arrived in Croatia and I’m breathless. The view from the plane was amaaazing. Split airport is not really big, so it was very fast to get out from the plane and get my suitcase. Although I took a while to get an uber until I found out that I had to walk outside and meet the drivers at the main road, here in Split they can’t drive inside the Airport.

I have to admit that the mountains close to the see, kind of remind me of Cape Town. Or a mix of Cape Town, Israel and Greece. 🤔 Cape Town because of the Mountains, Israel because of the dry weather and this thousand olive trees I’m looking at on the way and Greece because of the ocean and the atmosphere.

My cab driver Ante told me that Split has a population of 25.000 people. Maybe he meant the Old Town, because I checked and it actually is 178.000. He also thought me how to say Thank you : Hvala (Huala) and beautiful : Lijep (Leipo) in Croatian. I kept saying: it’s beautiful. How do I say that in Croatian?

Got to the Hotel, took a shower and went for a walk.

For the first time I decided to book an apartment instead of a Hotel and it was not a good idea. I was waiting for the owner for 1 hour, and I told him precisely the time I was arriving. It happens. Maybe I should stick to Hotels.

I went for a walk in the beautiful Old Town of Split and fell in love with the city. It is all made of those old marble cobblestones. The Diocletian’s Palace is beautiful and it forms about half of the Old Town of Split. It is opened 24/7 because some people actually live inside the Palace. So it is good that you can visit the Palace anytime, especially if you have a quick trip or schedule for Split. You can also find lots of stores and Restaurants around it and inside the Palace. It is definitely a place you shouldn’t miss.

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