Bagan: Tips

Bagan, known as the home to the largest and densest concentration of buddhist temples, pagodas, stupas and ruins in the world with many dating from the 11th and 12th centuries. The shape and construction of each building is highly significant in Buddhism with each component part taking on spiritual meaning.

It is estimated that as many as temples and stupas once stood on the 42 sq km plain  in central Myanmar. Approximately 2.200 remain today, in various states of disrepair.

Respect the temples:

  • Dress modestly: Cover your knees and shoulders
  • No shoes
  • The locals and buddhists won’t stop you from getting in but they will be strongly offended by this behavior. So please, respect them and the places you go to

Get around:

  • Walk
  • E-bikes
  • Bicycle
  • Rent a car with a driver
  • Hot air balloon

To see:

  • Ananda Temple: Bagan’s holiest temple
  • Shwesandaw Temple: Known as the sunset temple
  • Shwezigon Temple
  • Thatbyinnyu Temple
  • Shwegugyi Temple
  • Manuhar Pagoda
  • Dhamma Yangyi Temple
  • Sulamani Pahto
  • Gubyaukgyi Temple
  • Gawdaw Palin Temple
  • Bupaya Stupa
  • Shwezigon Pagoda
  • Kyan Ma Ba
  • Others


  • Night market


  • Black Rose
  • Rain Restaurant
  • La Terrazza
  • Be Kind to Animals The Moon
  • 7 sisters restaurant


  • Sky View Hotel (Low Budget)
  • Blue Bird Hotel


  • 25,000 Kyat ($20) tax to enter Bagan. There are around 13.000 temples and stupas, so they charge you a city tax making it easier. Don’t forget to walk around with your receipt.
  • Night Bus: Yangon – Bagan: 25 dolars.
  • 35,000 kyat ($25) to rent a car with a driver (Very useful when you have a driver like we did. He explained a lot about their Culture and about the Temples. Also, there is AC inside).
  • 8,000 kyat ($6) for an electric bicycle per day.
  • The Airport won’t change less than $100. They actually do, but they will charge you more if you change $50 or $20. You won’t use that much money in the Country. So you can exchange money with a friend or something. Something important also. The bills can’t be folded or kneaded.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Once again, respect the temples and their people.
  • Communication will be a lot of fun. Most of the places we’ve been to, no one spoke english.
  • Thanaka: Something they used on the face to refresh from the heat. Usually women and kids use it.I tried it and I could feel the breeze. 🙂
  • VISA: Online ($50) or upon arrival.
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