It was raining a lot and I also had to check on a couple of classes in the morning, so the morning was reserved for the conference. In the afternoon, Paula our friend picked us up and did a tour around her neighborhood, Recoleta. Such a beautiful neighborhood. In fact, my favorite in Buenos Aires. It reminded me a lot of Barcelona, with lots of nature combined with the beautiful architecture.

A nice Mall in the area called Recoleta Mall, lots of Restaurants and the famous Recoleta Cemetery which contains the graves of notable people like Eva Peron, Presidents of Argentina, noble prize winners, a granddaughter of Napoleon and others. It actually is a city sight. Lots of tourists go to check the Cemetery, believe me.

After the Cemetery, we headed to La Parolaccia Restaurant situated in Palermo. A really good Italian Restaurant, surrounded by lots of other good Restaurants like La Clotilda, a meat place.

After our late lunch, we got in the car and headed to Paula’s House in Fatima. It usually takes 1 hour to Fatima but it was Friday, so we took a little bit longer. Her house is so beautiful. It is situated inside a Golf Course. We got there, she opened a bottle of wine and we had a wonderful evening in Fatima.

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