On our last day the plan was to snowboard in the morning because we were going to leave in the afternoon but it was snowing a lot and the weather / visibility was really bad, so instead, I decided to walk around the neighborhood.

As I said, the weather was intense but I thought it would be ok to walk around the city. Of course it was not the best idea. I wanted to check out a couple of snowboard / ski stores but everything that appeared near was completely far with the bad weather. 

The stores I went to were super expensive and didn’t really have snowboard stuff, only ski stuff. So one of the guys in the store suggested another store that was close (10-15′ away) in the Park City Resort area. Of course that 10-15′ with that weather was another 30 minutes walking in the snow but I didn’t care because I was happy wandering and taking pictures all the time.

I got to Bazooka, the store he told me about and also thought it was expensive. Maybe the problem is me, and not the stores. I was looking for cheaper things. 

After that I texted my parents and decided to head back to the Hotel and meet them for lunch. We went to this really cozy restaurant called ‘Freshies Lobster’ where all the plates are made with lobster. We ordered a lobster soup and some sandwiches made also with lobster and it was delicious.

After that we walked a little bit and went back to the Hotel because we had to pack our stuff and leave. 

We were leaving later for the airport but we ended up getting a ride with a friend and stopped by the ‘Tager Outlet’ in Park City before hitting the rode. We didn’t really stayed long there. Maybe around 30 minutes. After, we went to the Airport and took our flight to Miami. 

Of course I was really sad to leave as usual. Places with a real winter / snow, are my favorite places but it’s ok. There is always an end for everything and I had a wonderful time while in Park City. 

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